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Hardcover. Condition: Very Good. No Jacket. H/B 319 pages, condition is very good. chapter headings; A memoir of the life of Sir William Chambers; An examination of the elements of beauty in Grecian Architecture with a brief investigation of its origin progress and perfection by Joseph Gwilt; On the progress and perfection of Grecian Architecture; Of the parts which compose the orders of architecture and of their properties applications and enrichments; Of the Tuscan Order; Of the Doric Order; Of the Ionic Order; Of the Composite Order; Of the Corinthian Order; Of Pilasters: Of Persians and Caryatides; Of Pedestals; Of the application of the orders of architecture: Of Intercobove Orders;lumniations; Of Arcades and Arches; Of Orders above Orders; Of Pediments; Of Ballustrades; Of Gates Doors and Piers Of Windows; Of Niches and Statues; Of Chimney-Pieces; Of Profiles for Doors Windows; Of Ceilings; Designs for Casines Temples Gates Doors etc.


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A Treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture

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Published by unknown, 1000

circa early 1800s